bareboat yacht charter Croatia

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Now we headed to Island of Komiza and the well-known town. It is drenched in Venitian allure and with its exciting cocktail bars it is a bash port that's a highlight for celebrities and passengers alike - while we were there though none were seen. As we couldn't dock till 5pm who'd be there but a friend and we halted at a small shore I had met in Portoroz. Here we went for another swim everyone was jumping from the top deck again, as I went to walk down the lower deck as water had slashed upwards I slipped and sprained my ankle and had made it very slippery. I went for a swim and it was wonderful. Komiza was a beautiful town and we had an amazing night, we had a picnic dinner and after that headed to another tavern and after that to Carpe Diem a cocktail bar before closing the night. budget yacht charter in Croatia

Now it is off to Pula, which can be supposedly the birth place of Marco Polo. We went when we got there, we went for a walk, I hobbled. Pula is a really little but delightful place, where also it is possible to charter a yacht. In the day we did some shopping and exploring on our own and then met for dinner before heading to your cocktail bar called the Turret, which can be a medievil turret in the old walls that encompassed Pula. You sit at the highest part of the turret order your drinks and they can be pulled up to the highest part of the turret from the bar at the bottom all the way on a little elevation like system. It was freezing at the top after checking it out so, I headed down to the next amount inside and had a vodka red bull.
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